Medical Dictation for EHR

VoiceboxMD works with most EHRs

Here are some popular EHRs that VoiceboxMD is fully compatible wit

Practice Fusion

VoiceboxMD is designed to work seamlessly with Practice Fusion. We have built our dictation software from the ground-up for Practice Fusion.

Athena Health

VoiceboxMD boosts productivity with AthenaHealth. Increase efficiency as you dictate in both in multiline and dynamic fields

Get started in minutes with seamless integration into AthenaHealth.

Epic Systems

Use VoiceboxMD with Epic like no other. With thrice the speed of typing, get the documentation done faster and cleaner.


The most widely used ambulatory EHR meets the most valuable medical dictation software. Full integration with ECW mean faster documentation.

Works with your EHR

VoiceboxMD Medical Dictation Software works with most EHR.

VoiceboxMD works with most EHR. You can see for yourself by trying the free trial. If you have questions, please contact us.

Check Compatibility

VoiceboxMD works with most EHR. Check to see if its compatible with your EHR.

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