Xenfax HIPAA Compliant Medical Fax

Fastest and most secure way to send fax from your computer to any location worldwide.

Xenfax is the most easiest and secure way to send your medical documents over the fax with the convenience of your computer. No sign up or subscription required. Only pay for what you use. A true HIPAA compliant medical fax service.

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Online Fax features designed to help you get the documentation sent out fast and securely.

Large documents support

Xenfax allows you to attach long documents upto (100 pages) all at once to be sent in a single transfer. No need to attach cover pages listing connection between them.


State of the art security and HIPAA compliance ensures your documents are sent securely using 512bit encryption and immediately removed once delivered.

Send from anywhere

Be it your phone, tablet or PC, send fax documents from anywhere, and anytime.

Easiest way to send fax without any sign up or membership.

Xenfax is designed to help you quickly send patient notes or letters from your mobile phone or PC with ease of use in mind. All data securely captured and stored in HIPAA compliant security cloud infrastructure, and deleted once delivery is confirmed (within minutes).

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Frequently asked questions

if you cannot find the answer below, please use the contact form or send us an email.

Yes, Xenfax works on mobile platforms.

Chat with us if you have any questions.

You can use VoiceboxMD with Xenfax in integrated mode. Contact us if your like to enable this custom module.

There is no limit on how many documents or patient notes you can send via Xenfax. For more information, please visit https://xenfax.com

No, Xenfax works on your web browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Simply go to https://xenfax.com and try faxing the document instantly.

Please reach out to the email listed on https://xenfax.com top right corner for more information.