Medical Dictation Technology

How VoiceboxMD does Speech Recognition?

Speech recognition systems use powerful and complicated statistical models to correctly build speech to text response. These systems use probability and mathematical functions to determine the most likely outcome.

Under the hood, VoiceboxMD takes the audio by taking precise measurements of the sound-wave at frequent intervals. The system filters the digitized audio to remove unwanted noise, and sometimes to separate it into different bands of frequency. VoiceboxMD in this process also normalizes the sound or adjusts it to a constant volume level. It may also have to be temporally aligned.

Your speech is divided into small segments as short as a few hundredths of a second, or even thousandths.

We examine phonemes in the context of the other phonemes around them. Medical terms are composed of different phonemes. We run the contextual phoneme plot through a complex statistical model and compares them to an extensive library of known words, phrases, and sentences stored in our database. We then determine what you were saying and either output it as text or issues a computer command.

A Voice Profile is created which allows continuous learning and on-going improvement to the user.

Focus on your patients and let VoiceboxMD do the heavy-lifting of charting.

Medical Vocabulary
Drug names
Smart Recognition
Supports different accents

Our Philosophy

Always improving

VoiceboxMD is always evolving to be a better product for doctors.


VoiceboxMD employs high security standards for all interactions.

Simple to Use

We have chosen the best optimal algorithm to contain our computational complexity and make it simple for Doctors to use.

Use VoiceboxMD on multiple devices and platforms

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Designed to get you started in 5 minutes

VoiceboxMD provides self-service installation instructions to get started in minutes. No IT supported needed. Besides, we are here if you need help.


Use real-time dictation (instant) or record your audio and upload to VoiceboxMD securely.


VoiceboxMD securely processes your audio and transcribes it into meaningful notes.


Refines transcription based on discipline and user's Voice Profile.

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See dictation transcription in real-time or within minutes of audio upload.