Medical Dictation Vocabulary

Made Specially for Clinical Documentation

VoiceBoxMD is made for doctors, which means we have taken good care to include all the medical terminology necessary for your documentation. Our users tells us accuracy and time saving are the two things they value most when it comes to dictation.

That’s why we are constantly developing ways to make VoiceBoxMD easier to use and more accurate.

Medical terms that are always Updated

Doctors’ vocabulary can sound like a completely different language – and often, it is. We continuously add medical words to our medical dictionary to keep up with the trend.

Glossary of most medical discipline is loaded inside the software and you can also extend your medical vocabulary

VoiceBoxMD keeps improving both in context and transcribing.

Understands Medical Drugs

Reap all the benefits of a Medical Dictation software which also has the knowledge of most medical jargon along with having the ability to customize.

NLP Enabled

VoiceBoxMD takes advantage of Natural Langauge Processing to understand and interpret your speech into text. If at any case of failure, AI steps up to navigate the process smoothly.