Medical Dictation Software for Psychiatrists

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In the pursuit to reduce time and costs, psychiatrists can now rely on VoiceboxMD’s innovative transcription solution called Psychiatry Dictation Software, which allows them to dictate directly into the EMR in real-time.

Whether you are in the clinic, hospital, or car, you can now dictate with your personal vocabulary and voice recognition in real-time. On top of that, the software is backed by Machine Learning algorithms, helping psychiatrists achieve the highest efficiency in medical charting as they use.

Why should a psychiatrist use a speech to text software?

Boot up your EMR

Any psychiatrist who collects a patients’ information undergoes a plethora of challenges. To conclude the issue and prescribe the right drug, he/she has to perform lots of tasks, such as capturing all the details of the patient during his/her visits.

By adopting innovative speech-to-text software, such as the VoiceboxMD’s psychiatry dictation software, psychiatrists can optimize their workflow. They can take better care of their clinical documentation and psychiatry transcriptions with ease.

VoiceboxMD’s Dictation Software is a universally-compatible system made for psychiatrists, physicians, and other medical professionals, helping them record patient notes, dictate letters, and operate computers. It offers surgical-precision when it comes to accuracy in the medical vocabulary. Plus, the software is extremely easy to learn and use.

  • Quick clinical documentation
  • Improve clinical documentation
  • Save time and energy
  • Attend more patients
  • Speech recognition built for psychiatrist
  • Get started in minutes
  • Efficiently dictate anytime, anywhere
  • Speech recognition that calls to account for any errors instantly

Faster than a Personal Transcriptionist

Treating a patient with the best care requires the incorporation of the best tool and technology with your current system. Since a large number of psychiatrists spend their time listening to the patient and formulating the proposal, they are bound to devote hours to the process. What if you can cut down the time spent on typing? What if you can formulate the chart created by a speech recognition system? What if you can review and edit medical documents without breaking a sweat? That’s what VoiceboxMD’s Dictation Software is all about!

Cut down dictation time with templates

You can create custom templates for various sections (such as HPI and Diagnostics) of the patient record. In addition to speeding up the dictation process, these templates will help you follow a pattern and organize notes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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01. What are the system requirements?

A Windows PC or Laptop or Mac OS X with USB port (for microphone) and good internet connection are the only requirements to run VoiceboxMD Advanced Medical Dictation. VoiceboxMD for Mobile is compatible with iOS 10.x and above.

Chat with us if you have any questions.

02. How does it differ from the competition?

VoiceboxMD is designed from the ground-up using innovative technologies such as Machine Learning to efficiently convert speech to text specific to the internal medicine vocabulary.
VoiceboxMD's power lies in its recognition abilities through continuous learning.

03. Does it recognize prescription names and other medical terms used in psychiatry practice?

Yes, VoiceboxMD has tailored vocabulary to help doctors and practitioners use many prescription names and medical terms that are specific to psychiatry medicine. New words are constantly added to the vocabulary in updates. VoiceboxMD also gives you the flexibility of expanding its core vocabulary.

04. Are all updates free of cost? Can I cancel any time?

Yes, all future updates are free of cost. Yes, you may cancel at any time with no additional charge.

05. Can I upgrade/downgrade plans anytime?

Yes, at any time, you may upgrade or downgrade plans.

05. Can I use to dictate emails and word documents?

VoiceboxMD is compatible on most Mac and Windows Apps including MS Word, Outlook, Excel. You can also use VoiceboxMD as regular dictation software to dictate emails.

06. Can I try a demo?

An online demo is available on our System Compatibility page for you to try using Google Chrome browser on a PC or Mac.

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