The security that is in placed

VoiceboxMD adheres to a strict standards to protect the personal data of the user. We conduct our speech recognition software with Hippa complaince standards to achieve necessary security and privacy objective.

Security is at most priority for us and we go few steps further in safe guarding your data. Our Security is implemented from the moment you sign up with us. Right from filling in your card details. Any payment transactions are encrypted using current PCI-DSS standards.

We retain user data only to the extent necessary to provide our services. We do not allow any integration or participation of third party software without your prior approval.

Login attempts are processed by a highly advanced encryption algorithm to mitigate compromising of your account.

VoiceboxMD do not have access to the data in your account.

If we observe any irregular behaviour in your account, we may notify you.

Our Security

Protocols we abide by to ensure VoiceboxMD is safe and secure

HIPPA Compliant

We abide by HIPAA compliance and regulation.

No Storage of Data

VoiceboxMD does not capture your voice and the words that you speak into speech recognition software.

Strong Encryption

We use an advanced encryption algorithm to protect your login credentials.

How does VoiceboxMD classify security policies

As of November 2019

Store no voice data for real-time transcription
Encrypt all transactions
Enforce shared responsibility
Encrypt voice profiles

Having concerned about how we use data?

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