We are proud to announce the official public launch of our new product: VoiceboxMD Medical Dictation Software.

VoiceboxMD is an EHR companion that helps physicians, nurse practitioners and scribes to carry out instant voice dictation on their EHR. It is powered by Machine Learning and works on both Cloud-based as well as Server-based EHRs on Windows and Mac systems.

Why does the world need another EHR Voice Dictation?

While working on our family practice we tried various dictation and transcription software and services and always felt they were too expensive for the quality of documentation they produced. Spending thousands of dollars in licensing per computer and expensive microphones did not help save even 50% of our time. Customer support was almost non-existent.
Having software engineering background, and experience working with large financial and medical software in the past, we took it as a challenge to help save the time of physicians among our friends and family.

After years of building and testing and finally able to attain 90% efficiency in medical dictation, we are here to offer the same great service to doctors, nurse practitioners and others to help in medical and clinical documentation.

We built Voicebox with 3 core differentiating features in mind, which are aligned with the biggest pain points:

Save Time - how do you build efficiencies around clinical documentation so that physicians can see more patients?

Connection with patients - how do you help doctors build better connection with their patients when clinical documentation takes up big chunk of their time? How do you accurately translate complex medical pronunciations instantly and make it easy to learn various accents and styles the doctors and practitioners use?

Compatibility and cost - how do you make it easy to integrate with thousands of EHR platforms, and yet remain affordable for all doctors?

We've approached it from the perspective of someone actually using it in real world as opposed to a marketing gimmick.

#1 Save Doctors Time

Numerous reports suggest that doctors spend 2/3rd of their time working with EHR. While it is the right step in the direction of modernizing the healthcare system, it does pose a big challenge getting through the hurdle of filing large amounts of information on each patient. Eventually, it will end up taking lots of time and impacting the practice revenue.

When building VoiceboxMD, we set out with a simpler goal: how do we make it easy for doctors to work with their EHR and save time? After analyzing various solutions that can potentially help doctors, we believe that building the right tool that can enable voice dictation capability within existing EHR that will provide a modern experience to the practice; this assists in saving doctors time and helping them to boost their overall revenue.

#2 Connection with patients

We are fortunate enough to be living in this day and age where technology is progressing quickly in areas that can really help to improve lives. New innovations in voice-driven user interfaces has gained tremendous popularity thanks to technology in Siri, Alexa and Okay Google that have given rise to a new take on natural language processing (NLP). When developing Voicebox, we set out to take the advantage of the enhanced NLP that comes straight out of the browser. Most modern browsers such as Google Chrome have Speech to Text dictation capabilities that- when combined with a custom medical thesaurus- bring a whole new level of innovation for medical professionals.

At every step, we've tried to focus on the experience of dictation, and how Voicebox can help with this process. In practice, when a doctor uses VoiceboxMD it enables doctor-patient time whether the doctor chooses to use VoiceboxMD alongside or away from the patient.


The more you use VoiceboxMD, the better it gets. It learns to adapt to your natural language, and overtime tries to attain 99% efficiency by design.

#3 Compatibility and cost

There are literally thousands of EHR solutions out there and outside a couple popular ones, the majority of them are equally spread out in market share. We looked closely into integrating with few solutions using their APIs first. Unfortunately, not many of these popular EHR solutions have developer/partner APIs. We also didn’t feel comfortable working with one EHR solution provider and leaving out hundreds of others who also contribute greatly to the market share. Our solution needed to work across all providers, and we know the only thing that is common to them was the browser. We built Voicebox in such a way that as long as your EHR runs on a browser, we offer our great service on top of it. You can think of it as a plugin to an existing piece of software. This way, the EHR software works as normal and in areas that can be improved with voice, we extend it to include speech to text capabilities.

Finally, the cost. Many doctors find our competitors’ prices quite high, and for good reason! This is due to the complexity that goes into proprietary software. With our solution, we off-loaded the technical complexity by keeping components simpler and more logical. For example, we let the speech recognition and synthesis run in the cloud. This allows us to keep our prices really affordable for practices of all sizes.

Who are we?

We're a group of passionate engineers working to solve medical practices' day to day problems through software. We are based in New York and have been building our products from the ground up with providers in mind. We have an obsessive focus on improving our product, and our singular goal on customer support is making sure that every customer is happy (even if that means telling them a different product is a better fit for them).

We are ever thankful for the amazing, supportive EHR community that underpins our industry and helps inspire us all to achieve bigger and better things. We wouldn't be close to having a launch-worthy product without the help of hundreds of beta testers putting it through its paces. Software products are our way of giving something back to this community. Our goal is to help medical and dental practices of any size carry out amazing work without hindrance; we hope VoiceboxMD can help you.

Question or suggestions?

Please reach out on our website www.voiceboxmd.com